Here are five things sellers should look for in their Realtors.

In the past, sellers would just use the Realtor that their parents, neighbors, or church members used. Today’s sellers are savvier; they use the power of the internet to find testimonials and track the performance of agents they want to work with. Sellers do their homework. Kara Amir had some suggestions recently on what sellers are looking for in their agents. I want to share the first five with you today:

1. Sellers want an agent with a prep-for-sale checklist. They want advice on how to make the home match the value. 

2. Sellers want a database of contractors. Any experienced agent will have a database of contractors to help with repairs and improvements. This way, the seller doesn’t have to look for their own contractor, and they can use one that they know will do a good job.

3. Sellers expect their agents to know the local market. This includes being able to price the house correctly. Sellers also need to know the mindsets of buyers in the market.

“In today’s market, sellers do their homework.”

4. Sellers need to know their agents’ online marketing plans. Sellers know how important online marketing is in this market, so they need to ask their agents what they plan to do. Does it include social media, digital marketing, and video? Is there a marketing team?

5. Sellers know that high-quality photography and videos are a must. Video allows agents to get creative and showcase a home as best as possible. They should do aerial shots and multiple angles. Does the agent have the equipment to do all of this?

In my next video, I’ll go over five more things that sellers should look for in their Realtors. Until then, if you have any questions or real estate needs, call me at 1-800-722-2585. I’d love to hear from you.