If an agent doesn’t do these five things, they aren’t invested in your success as a seller.

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A real estate agent’s job is to serve as an advocate for their clients—to make the home selling process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Unfortunately, because most sellers aren’t intimately familiar with the listing and selling process, certain agents get away with doing the bare minimum.

These agents usually take the “post and pray” approach. They simply post a sign in the yard and then pray the home sells.

You may be wondering, “How can I avoid hiring an agent like this?” Well, one of the most effective ways to avoid bad agents is by knowing what to expect from a good one.

“You must never hire an agent who needs to make a sale more than you do.”

Here are five of the most common things subpar agents fail to offer their clients:

1. Proper pricing. Proper pricing is, bar none, the most important step a good agent must take when helping you sell your home. Exceptional real estate agents know that it’s far better to choose a realistic price than one they think will flatter the sellers. Pricing should be based on the current market and recent comparable sales—not the seller’s ego.

2. Effective marketing. Your agent should be well-versed in all the tools and techniques necessary to get the word out about your home. They need to utilize all available marketing channels—not just the multiple listing service. Ideally, your agent should have a website that drives traffic to your online listing. On top of that, they should be using social media to gain an even larger audience of buyers.

3. Strong communication. Sellers need to know what’s going on with the sale of their home at every step of the way, and a good agent should know how to keep them in the loop. Too many agents only check in with their clients when they get an offer. Realistically, though, they should be getting in touch whenever there is any sort of development. This includes sharing feedback from showings, explaining marketing strategies, and more.

4. Verification of a buyer’s qualifications. Anyone can say they’re approved to buy a home, but your agent should always make sure this is actually the case by obtaining documentation from every buyer who makes an offer on your home.

5. Powerful negotiation skills. Buyers and sellers both want to get the best possible deal when it comes to real estate transactions. Therefore, as a seller, it’s important to have an experienced, knowledgeable professional who can negotiate on your behalf. It is essential that you partner with someone who knows how to create a win-win situation, and who can help you secure great terms and a great price. A good agent should never think about their own pocketbook when negotiating on behalf of their client. This is why you must never hire an agent who needs to make a sale more than you do.

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