Today I’m sharing stats on why baby boomers choose to relocate, what they look for in their next place, and what they want from their Realtor.

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Baby boomers are in that exciting phase of their lives where they get to thinking about what they’re going to do once they retire, and those plans often involve real estate. What will their next home be? Will it be closer to family members? Maybe moving into a retirement community is the preferred option.

According to statistics, many baby boomers prefer the convenience of living in a retirement community near downtown or other such areas that allow for easy walking. This option also means that they won’t have to worry about mowing a lawn, which allows them to travel more frequently and visit family.

Other baby boomers are interested in downsizing from a multi-level home to a one-level home. Those relocating are headed to states with moderate climates.

The following is a list of common reasons baby boomers feel the need to relocate:

The loss of a spouse Being closer to family Focusing on health (e.g., moving closer to medical facilities) Downsizing from a single-family home that is now too large for them

“Many baby boomers prefer the convenience of living in a retirement community.”

The 55 Places Report surveyed baby boomers on what amenities they desire most in a new living arrangement:

64% want access to a fitness center 59% want an outdoor pool 42% want a gated entrance 50% want an outdoor walking/running trail 37% want an indoor pool

If baby boomers are on the move, what are they looking for in their Realtor?

80% seek a Realtor with expert knowledge of their preferred market area 62% value responsiveness 32% look for a Realtor with high availability Nearly all respondents want a strong negotiator

Here at that Tami Holmes Team, our core values align with those very qualities that baby boomers seek. If you don’t believe me, check out testimonials on Google, Facebook, or Zillow, then call us so we can go to work for you. It would be a privilege to assist you in the next exciting phase of your life!