Buyers are viewing homes online, so make yours stand out.

You may have heard the phrase “First impressions are lasting impressions.” This saying is as true for people as it is their houses. With home showings going online during the health crisis, how can you make your listing stand out on the screen to potential buyers? Since it’s more difficult to do open houses online, the marketing of your property has become more critical than ever. Here are four valuable tips to make your home appeal to buyers online:

1. Declutter. Declutter aggressively, and that includes putting away all kid’s and pet’s toys. You want to make the home feel unpersonalized and neutral so potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. The fewer things on display, the more spacious your house appears.

2. Consider the layout. Think about rearranging your home’s furniture to maximize space. You may love how your rooms are arranged, but it may not emphasize space on screen.

3. Dust and light. Clean the dust from every surface, and replace all light bulbs with new, bright ones. Even the most gorgeous spaces won’t show well on camera if they’re too dim.

4. Stage a vacant home. If your house is vacant, you can leave it empty, but staged properties tend to sell quicker and for more money. You can purchase a few key pieces of furniture to show the scale of the room. For example, a couch, coffee table, and rug establish a living room’s size. You can also resell or donate the pieces to charity later if you don’t want them.

“The marketing of your property has become more critical than ever.”

Now that your home looks wonderful, share it! The Tami Holmes Real Estate Team places a high priority on making an excellent first and lasting impression of your house online. Please let us assist you to increase your property’s screen appeal.

Call or email us today if you have any questions about screen appeal or real estate in general. We would love to help you.