Here are four reasons why it’s a good time to get in the market as a buyer.

I felt sorry for buyers in 2020 and even the first quarter of 2021. The market was so crazy that they were putting multiple offers on multiple homes and paying far above the listing price. However, I’ve got great news for you buyers: It is a great time to get back out there and win the home of your dreams. Let me tell you four reasons why:

1. There has been a slowdown in multiple offers these past months. That means homes are also more affordable because bidding wars won’t raise the price too much.

2. There are more homes on the market. This is part of the reason why we’ve seen fewer multiple-offer situations, but this also means you have more houses to choose from.

“It is a great time to get back out there and win the home of your dreams. ”

3. Homes are also staying on the market longer. This means you don’t have to rush and try to make an offer within the first hour the house is on the market.

4. The Fed announced they are going to slowly stop buying mortgage bonds. This translates into higher interest rates starting this fall and increasing till 2022. This means there’s a time limit on these great interest rates we’ve had.

As the market continues to change, you’ll want a professional on your side who’s an expert in shifting markets. Here at Tami Holmes Real Estate Team, we sell over 400 houses a year, so we have that experience with changing markets. Give us a call at 1-800-722-2585; we are here to put our expertise to work on your behalf.