This is why new-build homes are worth considering in today’s market.

Do you want to buy a new house? If you do, know that the current limited supply can make your home search challenging. To help expand your choices, you might want to consider newly built homes. Today, I’ll explain why it makes sense to include new-build construction in your search.

According to recent data from the US Census, there’s positive news in new-home construction. More have been completed and are ready to sell, providing move-in-ready options. Builders have also started construction on more single-family homes, allowing you to customize a home to your liking. Permits for building new single-family homes have also increased, indicating that builders are gearing up for more construction soon.

“New-build homes have fewer upfront maintenance and repair needs.”

Aside from the broader options, newly built homes offer additional perks. You have the opportunity to tailor the property to your unique needs and preferences, avoiding the wish for specific features like flooring or a sunroom. Furthermore, everything is brand new, resulting in fewer upfront maintenance and repair needs. They also often come with manufacturer and home warranties, providing peace of mind in case something goes wrong. Lastly, new builds allow you to incorporate energy-efficient options that can save you money in the long run. 

If you’re struggling to find your dream home in the current market, newly built homes are worth exploring. To assist you in this process, I can connect you with an expert who can help you explore available options in your local area and introduce you to local builders. Feel free to call or email me, as I’m always happy to help.