Here are the next five things sellers need from their real estate agents.

In my last video, I shared research from Kara Amir, a real estate specialist, about the first five things that sellers need to look for when hiring a real estate agent. Today I’m sharing the last five things you need and deserve in your agent:

6. Strong negotiation skills. Your Realtor should be a great negotiator and understand all the terms of the contract. This ensures your interests are protected and a smooth transaction for all involved. They need to properly manage all of the time frames and deadlines that are crucial to your contract. You need an agent who can handle multiple offers with skill and diligence.

7. Good relationships with other Realtors. What is your Realtor’s reputation? Are they known for handling transactions skillfully and carefully? Are they easy to reach and prompt in responding to other agents’ calls, texts, and emails? Are they detail-oriented or careless and sloppy? These things can greatly affect your transaction. 

8. Strong relationships with all involved. Besides the other Realtors, your agent needs a solid relationship with parties such as the title company. Those established relationships can help with unexpected issues.

“You need an agent who can handle multiple offers with skill and diligence.”

9. A strong problem-solver. These agents are resourceful and able to think on their feet. You need to know that your Realtor can help take care of problems that come up during inspections or with the community HOA, for example. 

10. Highly responsive and communicative. Your agent needs to promptly follow up with showing inquiries, feedback, your questions and concerns, offers, and related communication. Failure to respond could result in the loss of a sale, missed opportunity, or loss of the seller’s trust or confidence in them. If a Realtor isn’t a wonderful communicator, they’re in the wrong profession. 

Now that you know what to look for when interviewing agents, we hope you’ll allow us to show you what our team has to offer. Simply call or email us if you’d like to interview us or have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.