Has the fear of the coronavirus changed the way that agents interact with buyers and sellers during showings, open houses, and listing presentations?

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No matter what is happening in the world, people still have to buy and sell homes. So, what are agents doing to keep our buyers and sellers safe during transactions?

Many agents have stated that they are handing out bottles of hand sanitizers at open houses and explaining as people enter that they will not shake hands as a precaution. Some have commented that they are taking disinfectant wipes into properties that they’re showing so that they can wipe down any doorknobs or surfaces that they have direct contact with. We can easily show homes while respecting the guidelines for social distancing.

For sellers who are thinking about putting their houses on the market but are afraid to possibly expose themselves to the virus, we cater to your needs and concerns. For instance, here at the Tami Holmes Real Estate Team, we can do a virtual interview with you that’s both as interactive and personal as if we were sitting across the dining room table from each other.

“We can easily show homes while respecting the guidelines for social distancing.”

During the virtual interview, we’re able to go through our PowerPoint presentation so that you can see what to do to market and sell your home. We will also show you the market analysis and absorption rates so that you’ll have an idea of what homes are selling for in your neighborhood, as well as how long it may take to get the home sold. We even have the ability to do a 3D virtual tour of most of our listings so that it will filter out unnecessary tours of your home.

Based on the feedback after a showing, most buyers rule out a home because they don’t like the floor plan or the room sizes. With our 3D virtual tours, buyers will know the floor plan and room sizes, so they can eliminate that home as a candidate if it doesn’t fit their family’s needs best. This saves the homeowner from the time and effort of preparing for a showing that could have ended up with a negative review after the showing. Due to our 3D imaging, some buyers are purchasing our homes based simply on the detailed online tours, and the pandemic may result in increasing numbers of buyers and sellers opting for virtual tours.

Here at the Tami Holmes Team, we roll with the punches and focus on what we can do to keep our clients and ourselves safe while we continue to care for their buying and selling needs. Give us a call today so that we can assist you with your real estate plans.